Our mission is to remind everyone, including ourselves, to be present as it also brings peace. This means that our meditation accessories are designed and produced with care for people and the planet. 


Our mats are composed of natural, biodegradable tree rubber and vegan microfibre suede. Our cork blocks and balls are made from oak trees. The inks we use for printing are water-based and environmentally friendly. They are all toxicity free with REACH, RoHS, and MSDS certifications. Finally, we ship our products in compostable corn starch bags and cardboard boxes.


Everything we offer is designed to have a long lifespan and we encourage proper care in order to maximise this. However, when it is their time, all products are nearly entirely biodegradable, otherwise they are recyclable. We recommend TerraCycle or other recycling solutions to ensure diligent recycling practices.


Kokoni prides itself in creating jobs offshore as well as stimulating the local economy. Our manufacturing partners are located across Asia and comply with SGS certification. Partnering with artisans and handmakers in our hometowns Toronto, Canada and London, England is also underway. Kokoni has a commitment in its growth to reach a completely circular model.